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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
we were a "considerable favorite" and we are now getting considerably spanked. someone will have to answer to it whether its right or wrong. it's sports.
If the definition of spanked meant losing close, hard fought games by 1 goal; even coming back and answering almost every goal only to lose the game (one in overtime, another a fluke which should have gone to OT). Then yes we are getting considerably spanked.... Hard...

Unfortunately for your post, spanked generally refers to lopsided series or games that are won rather easily by one side or another, not bitterly fought for until the ending minute of every game, rather the victor is indicated in the first 2 periods.

Once again........ it is called losing. It happens sometimes. If someone has to answer then why did you not throw the referree in charge of the no goal call off the pedestrian bridge? It sure as hell wasn't Trotz's fault.

Tell me, why do you choose to cheer for a team when you will be so upset over not taking home the prize? I don't understand, why should someone lose their job over working so hard and coming up short??????

These "Fire my franchise coach!" antics should be saved for football and basketball (or other teams just not mine) because I don't want any of this disloyal bull**** in my sport. I love hockey/the Preds org. for how loyal it remains, even in a day in time where it seems athletes and coaches are disposable and/or disloyal.

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