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05-06-2012, 09:09 PM
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So, just got home from Staples...enjoyed the entire experience and nothing but...

Then hanging out afterwards I did the calculation with my friend in tow...

Game 1: 3-1 +1 GFD (1 Empty Net)
Game 2: 5-2 +3 GFD
Game 3: 4-2 +2 GFD
Game 4: 3-1 +1 GFD (1 Empty Net)

+7 Goals For Differential
/4 Games
+1.75, not counting empty net goals

In the final analysis, exactly as predicted (+1.5 to +1.75). Even I'm a bit weirded out now since hockey is a lot about bounces plus who is hot or not.

You know, originally I made this post to gather a few like-minded confident people, fellow Kings fans, so that we could bolster the confidence of Kings fans here on the boards...get rid of all of the fears, over-respect and bad feelings generated by media hype about how bad we're going to lose to these Blues after we significantly upgraded our roster, played our way hot into the playoffs, beat the Blues in the regular season, beat down the better team in Vancouver and then still didn't get the respect we deserved. I didn't care about the respect from others; I knew we would earn that...I only cared that our own guys/gals believed.

We have enormous potential and we have the heart to meet that potential. Woe to whomever draws us. Every team who gets to the conference finals needs to be respected but our team, maybe we need to be feared.

- R

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