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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
NYR Sting, I always appreciate the thought you put in your posts, but I've got to ask one question.

Remember how you said that you changed allegiances with the Knicks by cheering for the Spurs in 98 based on the organization's lunacy, how did you stay put with the early 00's Ranger teams?
Like I said a couple of days ago, yes, I hated the moves the Knicks were making from a basketball standpoint (and that went all the way back to the initial Allan Houston signing...nice guy...good, not great player...way too much money and commitment). But the biggest reason I stopped being a Knicks fan was because they traded a heart and soul player in John Starks for, of all people, Latrell Sprewell. I don't like cheering for ********, (thus my dislike of Carmelo Anthony...well, that and the way he plays) and Latrell Sprewell is a ******* of epic proportions. I understood them trading Oakley for Camby, although I wasn't happy about that. But to trade Starks for a guy who was just the worst that sports had to offer made me sick. Plus, I was sure the team was going to stink long-term.

To be honest, I considered not being a Ranger fan. When they traded Graves, I was really pissed. I think if I hadn't stopped being a Knick fan, I might have stopped being a Ranger fan then, but I couldn't picture dropping both teams. I was tempted again when Leetch was traded, and tempted another time when they signed Gomez. Even a year later, when they signed Redden, I again felt the temptation. I could have easily became a Red Wings fan just as I had become a Spurs fan; I already liked both of those teams a lot and they were my NHL and NBA teams to root for in the West. I think the biggest difference is that while the guys the Rangers were bringing in sucked, they weren't really bad human beings (or at least not that I know of). Sprewell had been one of my favorite non-Knicks when I was a kid, and I was really disgusted by his actions. He was a great player, but I just can't stand him. And for them to trade away the embodiment of those great Knick teams for him...ugh.

One of the biggest things that kept me committed to the Rangers was the coming of Lundqvist. I was fortunate to learn a decent amount about him and watch some footage here and there after he was drafted, and I became a huge fan. I was positive that he was going to be a superstar, that he was going to save the team. I also had really high hopes for Jamie Lundmark, though, so I wasn't totally on target there.

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