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05-06-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
There is one major fallacy in your statement, you're still talking about 3 coaches that have won the Cup. I get your point but these guys have a ring and we have one second round victory in all the years we've made the playoffs. At some point, results matter. And while we did play a good game the other night and caught some bad luck, the end of the day, we're down 3-1 in the second round. At the rate we're going it's going to take us about 28-32 years to win a Stanley Cup and by then, Legwand is going to be an old man.
It took the Penguins 23 years to win a Cup. The Flyers got a couple quick, but it's been 36 years since they last won. The Stars (and Seals with their eventual merge) took 32 years. Kings and Blues are at 44 years without one. There's your class of 67. Of the "O6" the Hawks went 49 years without ... the Rangers are at 18 years this time after over 40 years between cups ... the Bruins went 39 years ... the Habs will be at 20 years between Cups if they win next season. Neither of the 1970-71 expansion teams has a Cup in 41 years ... the Flames needed 16 seasons ... Sharks, Panthers, Thrashers/Jets, Jets/Yotes, Jackets all without winning it all.

A little perspective on our 13 seasons without a Cup Parade.

Losing to the Yotes or Kings would be disappointing, but, this is the team who's fans were readying our lottery parties in October ... fail for Nail ... we'll never score ... we suck ... we can't do a thing without Goc, Sully, and Ward ... oh, wait, #4 seed ... overall a good season in spite of our fans readiness to bail at the first sign the season would have challenges.

So far this is a hard fought, but painful to watch, series. Individual mistakes are hard to see when there is nothing we as fans can do to correct it. But, they keep going out there and generating chances. If the team rolled over like so many of the posts indicate, I'd be upset. Going hard and getting beat is tough to swallow, but, how one reacts to adversity is a test of character ... for the individual and team. Game 5 is that next character test.

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