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05-07-2012, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Out of their minds? You're out of your mind. The Devils are playing sound defensive hockey, just like their system of about the last 20 years has produced. Had you said the Washington Capitals are playing out of their minds I would agree.

Speaking of the Capitals, this fly up and down the ice style did work for Lavy once in Carolina but it ain't working here. It wins a lot of games during the regular season (like the Capitals have done many times) but defense wins cups and produces deep runs more frequently.

The Capitals finally figured it out with their new coach this year. Will Uncle Ed and Homer ever figure it out? I thought once we got a goalie everything was fixed. What a joke.
there is only 1 reason Washington is still playing hockey. His name is Braden Holtby.
yet this style got Lavy to within one game of game 7 of the Cup Final with MICHAEL LEIGHTON in goal in 2010.
Again I ask who do you want coaching this team? Berube? LOL
some scrub from the AHL. tried that. didnt end well.
Ill take my chances with the guy that has a ring and could have another if we had compitent goaltending in 2010.
I really am getting sick and tired of dealing with some of the ******** on this board.

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