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ugh, why would you even make a thread like this?

Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
My worst was a hyper-extended wrist which has lingered for the better part of a year now. Constant pain when I use my wrist for anything now. When I don't play hockey for a couple weeks it starts to heal up but then I play hockey and the first shot re-aggrivates it. I'm stubborn, yes.
i've had something similar. it's not uncommon for this type of injury (hyper flexion/extension) to be muscle tissue damage but misdiagnosed as bone/joint damage.

it can be treated with essentially deep tissue massage, or ART/graston. you wouldn't even need to stop playing. find any sore/tight spots in your forearm, apply lots of pressure, then go through the full-range of motion with your wrist (both directions, no twisting) and fingers (spread way apart, then bring all the fingertips together). move the pressure half-an-inch to another spot. repeat. do that daily, until symptoms improve. good luck.

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