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Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
Dude it's not like that at all... I feel like what you just said is always the response when someone says a certain "drug" isn't as evil as D.A.R.E. would have you believe. Doing or not doing drugs doesn't make anyone "cooler"/more lame than anyone else.

The problem with drugs lies in the people that are using them. Most drug users are uneducated on whatever substance they are using, and that leads to a lot of dangerous situations. This also goes the other way: Most non-drug-users are uneducated on substances in general, which tends to lead to a lot of unfounded fear and resentment. If a person is going to decide that they want to use drugs, they better be smart enough to read up on as much information as they can beforehand. Conversely, if a person is going to decide they want to hate on drug-users, then they should read up and learn about what exactly they are hating.

People should read up on things and make up their own minds instead of just listening to what society tells them to.

Sorry that was kind of off topic... I had to rant real quick, haha.
sounds like an addicts excuse. "It ok because I know what I am doing"

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