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05-07-2012, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by tazman911 View Post
So where in the article did it say they would fold. This is what I read in the article. Sounds to me like hockey will go on in Elmira next regardless of what happens.
Because if you read the part where Santulli said if they are not here next year it won't be because of us(the County). If Afr isn't awarded back the arena i'm not sure he would still want to operate and it would be up to the new owner if he wanted to do business with the Afr's and if they wanted to do business with the new owners. The county doesn't want to own the place, so the part mentioned about working with the Afr's is misleading. They said they would close it if it had no insurance(which it apparently does), they haven't really stated what will happen if they don't find any buyers.

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