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05-07-2012, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Glenn you sure you aren't a closet HABS fan this is exactly how most HABS fans feel. Just making it in is not good enough out in the first second or third round is still a failure the CUP is where the glory lies anything less is failure.
I have no problem with developing a franchise the right way but until the franchise gets in the mindset of failure is anything but the Cup, then we will go nowhere as a franchise. The owners say the goal is a Cup. The team went all in. Not saying that a Cup should've been the only result but to me, this is unacceptable. Maybe I'm expecting too much but I'll tell you this, if I were one of the owners, I'd expect more. They talk the talk, Poile has talked the talk as well as Trotz. Well, barring an amazing comeback, the didn't back it up. When you say you're going all in and play like we have this series, I don't have high hopes for the franchise with the man behind the bench.

A coach, manager, anyone in that position whether it's sports or in life, is supposed to be a leader. They should have their team ready to play. They should be firing on all cylinders this team of year. Has anyone seen a Preds team in this series play like it's the playoffs? There is a level of play that happens during the season and then there's playoff hockey. We have not been playing playoff hockey. Playoff hockey is about sacrifice. Playoff hockey is taking a hit to make a play. Playoff hockey isyabouta going down and blocking shots. Playoff hockey is finishing off checks. Playoff hockey is about standing up for your teammates when they get run. Playoff hockey if finishing your chances. Playoff hockey is about being ready to go for 60 minutes and into overtime if necessary.

Dryden, you know as well as I do what it takes to win a Cup. I watched the Habs do it growing up. I watched the Islanders do it, then the Oilers and so forth. There is almost a desperation that comes with winning 16 games to win it all. I just don't see it with this bunch. The closest I saw was a play made by Wilson in game 3. Up 2-0 in the third, his line and defense pair had been out for a long shift. The puck came back to the point where it was shot. He went down to block the shot, which he did, then proceeded to get the puck, skate up ice, giving his teammates a chance to change behind the play. He made sure he got the puck across center ice and kept going with it, not taking a chance with a dump in. This is sacrifice. This is knowing the situation. Erat has shown a ton of passion in his game. If everyone showed that level of commitment we would be up in this series but there are too many passengers and not enough players. Coaches are there to motivate and for those that say it's on the players to motivate, then why have a coach if the players can do it all? Coaches are there to organize them and strategize and get the most out of them. While Trotz has done that for years, getting the most out of nothing, he has the players to do it yet we are struggling. I hope he's figured it out or tomorrow is going to suck for a lot of people around here.

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