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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
From what I saw of the "establishment" and the older posters outside of hfboards, Howe vs Richard waa debated more than Richard vs Beliveau or Hull. I don't live in Canada though, my info was mostly from TV and the early Internet.

Well, I grow'd up in Canada during the last years of the "Golden Era", and unfortunately I never actually saw Richard playing during his peak seasons so beyond the anecdotal, the stats, old game footage, contemporaneous media reports, books etc, I cant even include him in my wholly subjective rankings of "all time bests", while comparing Beliveau to Hull in terms of actual individual hockey talents isnt even a contest. Hull would win that one hands down simply because he was a lot more powerful physically, faster, harder, heavier & deadlier shot. Beliveaus' game was much softer, much more one of finesse.

As I stated earlier, from a "team" perspective Beliveau was clearly in a league & class of his own and therefore if you were building a squad of more mortal talents Id be picking JB over BH. If I could pick-off players from various eras' through time travel however, an All Time All Star Squad, Hull would be selected ahead of Beliveau. Context, time & place however forbids such flights of fancy. Indeed, my Top 3 of All Time would be Orr, Lemieux & Hull, Mario's game much closer to Beliveaus than Hull's. (note; I preclude Gretzky from every conversation on the matter. ).

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