Thread: Confirmed with Link: Giroux suspended for one game
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05-07-2012, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by BleedOrange View Post
Sorry it was a tap G was mad but the jersey player sold it went down holding his head rolling around on the ice even Voracek skated around him he knew the jersey player was faking it.
And the most brilliant part was Zubrus being checked out by team doctors at intermission to clear him for play in the 3rd period. Those tricky Devils, they're so clever, they've thought of everything in the coverup.

Originally Posted by MrKurri'soupkitchen View Post
1. Giroux has no prior suspension history
2. He doesn't leave his feet.
3. Giroux doesn't act out of retaliation to a NJ player but rather frustration with the missed call.
4. Zubrus wasn't hurt and missed 0 shifts in the 3rd.

Based on his past rulings, Shanny should levy a $2500 fine and nothing more.
I agree with 1 and 2, but I dont understand why 3 matters? In fact , "taking a headshot via acting out of frustration" is exactly one of the things Shanahan is looking to suspend guys for. So, if anything, I would think that would be one strike against Giroux.

And on 4, I KNOW this is what has played a part in these decisions, and IMO it's the worst part of how the league handles these things. You could have 2 carbon-copy hits, and on one the guys hits the ice with his shoulder and is okay, and on one the guy hits the ice with his head and gets a concussion. Hit one may not even get a suspension, hit two may get 5 or 10 game suspension. HORRIBLE. The punishment should fit the crime, not the result of the crime.

Originally Posted by Justified View Post
he is a star player, I would be shocked if he was suspended.
This is another problem, because too often it seems to be true.

If someone could explain to me why Shea Weber didnt get at least a 1 games suspension, other than the fact that he's one of the current darlings of Canada, I'd be all ears.

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