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05-07-2012, 11:47 AM
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I would let it go. If you weren't informed at the time, despite your credentials, than obviously whoever was informed felt that it was not an issue that you, or anyone who is in the lockerroom as a player, needed to be concerned with. The player may have been spoken to confidentially, and you don't even know if the incident truly took place.

Moreover, it's beer league. It doesn't effect you that much. I could see you wanted to call the player out or call attention to it if you guys were a group of individuals who were all making sacrifices and practicing daily towards something like a national tournament; it would be unfair for him to not respect all your hard work and not make sacrifices himself. But it's not the case; his bad personal decisions are his own. And again, it was probably addressed privately (and he was probably told 'your bad choices are your own; please don't make them in our lockerroom again').

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