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Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
You cannot downplay the 3+ extra months of development, the responsibilities given to those at different stages, the opportunities (including number of international competitions) given to those of different draft years/ages, or most importantly, the help and support given by professional organizations once prospects are drafted.

Not to mention that many people on these forums base their rankings off of international scouting that look at far more than just the points that many of you are judging Hamilton by, and none of you know how Hamilton would be rated even if he was eligible for this year's draft.

Not to mention that it is not only Murray that people are comparing him too, and many people in this draft year have had less years or less experiences playing at that level than Hamilton.
I'm not sure about comparing Hamilton to the rest of the field, but comparing him to Murray seems to be pretty accurate.

Like I said previously Murray and Hamilton are born in the same year which means that barring one of them playing up a level, they grew up playing at the same age level their entire lives, Murray was actually able to get into Junior playoffs a year before Hamilton due to some different rules in the W and the O.

Again, they are in the same age group so it doesn't really make sense to talk about opportunities, and responsibilities given to them at different stages. Also Murray has played in more international competitions than Dougie to this point due to Dougie not being selected to the U18 when he was a 16 year old as Murray was, and not being eligible at 17 due to Niagra being in the playoffs.

As for comparing them, I really haven't seen enough of Murray to have a valid opinion on that. But for those that do they are in very similar points of development in their careers, so it is perfectly valid to compare them. The only thing that Dougie has had a chance to do because of his age that Murray hasn't is attend a Professional Development, and training camp. So, I guess if you want to say that invalidates comparisons between the two you can. But other than that, age hasn't provided Dougie with any more or less opportunity than Murray, because they played in the same age group growing up.

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