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Originally Posted by qmechanic View Post
I've tried different shoulder pads in the past, and the Farrells are definitely much shorter proportionally compared to "traditional" shoulder pads.

I'm a 5' 2" woman, so I can only wear junior pads. Sounds like the U+ Fit09, Fit07 might be worth trying? (U+ Pros don't come in junior size.) There's also the new U+ 12 (also low profile caps) which according to Ice Warehouse is comparable to the Fit07.

I called the local hockey stores in my area and they don't stock CCM shoulder pads. Most of their stuff is Bauer.
Just wanted to follow up on my post and the help people gave me.

So I tried the CCM U+ Fit09 in various sizes, and it just didn't fit me very well. The good news was that along with my Tackla 9000 pants, the Fit09 covered most of my stomach only leaving a tiny gap.

I also went to the local hockey store and tried Bauer Supreme One60 (?), Bauer Vapor x7.0, Warrior (can't remember which one), and Reebok.

Something about the Reebok, the width of the shoulders and torso fit me the best without any restriction in shoulder movement. I tried the 9k, but that was overkill in protection, so I got the 7k. The 5k was good, too, but the 7k had belly protection and shoulder blade protection that the 5k didn't have. I ended up wearing size junior large. Hope this helps for anyone small and female looking for shoulder pads.

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