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03-21-2006, 05:57 AM
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The thing with Henke is that he excells under preasure... he gets better the bigger the challange is... this is why he is playing even better in the NHL then he was in the SEL with basicly no trasition time needed...

He has proven many times that he plays better in games that are important... look at his SEL career he played better in the playoffs then in the regular season.. from great to fantastic... look at the olympics he started of the tournament with avg play (just like rest of team) and then stepped it up as the playoffs started... finally playing fantastic and making the winning save with seconds left on the clock...

Thats how Henke works... if its a 3 goal lead with half the third left he wount be playing as fantastic as if it was a 1 goal lead with same time left... The important thing is that its not like his performance drops its that his performance elevates with preasure... big difference there as he has a very high lowest level of play and that is whats important with a starting goalie... not how good can he be but how bad can he be... in Henkes case the low mark of his play is still pretty damn good...

The reason the shutouts have not been there for him is partially due to this and partially due to the entire team having the same mental attitude... relaxes a bit too much with a comfy lead but works arse off under preasure....


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