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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
First of all, you're being a hypocrite when you tell me to get over it. All you did was rag on D'Antoni. You still take pot shots at D'Antoni, despite the overwhelming evidence that points to D'Antoni being screwed over every step of the way. I don't understand how you can not care that your player purposely played like garbage for three months and cost your team a shot at having an extended playoff run. The Knicks should have been a 3rd-5th seed, and the biggest reason they weren't is because Anthony "dogged it" until D'Antoni left. Other than committing criminal acts, is there something worse that a professional athlete can do than "dog it," costing his team success?

Second of all, there is nothing to "get over." There is one very clear reason as to why Landry Fields' effectiveness dropped IN THE MIDDLE OF LAST SEASON: less ball movement and a slower pace, and it has little to do with his shooting. The pace slowed and the ball stopped moving as soon as Anthony got to the Knicks. Herego, Landry Fields struggles are a direct result of Anthony's presence. It makes no sense to rag on Fields without taking the circumstances around him into consideration. If you want to talk about Fields, you can't do so without bringing Anthony into the conversation.

There you have it - you ignored every single point I made (which includes the point about Fields not being a good shooter) and once again tossed a stat that has very little relevance here. You can't judge the performance of a player like Fields by looking at his field goal shooting percentage. Landry Fields isn't a scorer. That's not why the Knicks drafted him. When he leaves the Knicks and goes on to be a successful role player elsewhere, his value will not be as a scorer. Landry Fields' value is as a rebounder and a guy who can help you push the tempo up court, and be a good perimeter defender who uses his length to swarm smaller guards and cut down on passing lanes.

And your whole criticism of him was to say he was a dumb player and a terrible decision maker. What does that even have to do with shooting? Especially for a guy who averages less than 8 shot attempts per game, and whose FG% dropped from .49 to .46, not an enormous dropoff.

You keep leaving out incredibly important chunks of information. Mike Woodson doesn't have an offensive system. He lets Anthony basically do whatever he wants offensively. D'Antoni had a system predicated on passing and running. Fields was a good fit for that system. Why would he take him out? Fields wasn't the reason the system wasn't working. Anthony was, because Anthony doesn't like to pass or run. When Woodson took over, the pace became even slower than it had been, so obviously Fields was not going to succeed.

Not to mention that D'Antoni didn't have Baron Davis and he only had JR Smith, another player who refuses to do anything but shoot the ball whenever he feels like it, for a short period of time. And he only had Lin for a short period of time, which is when Fields played his best ball of the season. No coincidence that he played his best when the ball moved and the tempo was higher.
Sorry, but I disagree that poor shot selection isn't a byproduct of his own doing. It amazes me that you truly think Anthony is to blame for it all, yet you gave no explaination as to why Fields played worse without Anthony even dressed.

No, let's change our offense to run and gun so that Landry can dunk more and completely revert to the glory days of the Knicks' below mediocrity under Dantoni.

Fields can rebound and defend. He can't pass or shoot. The Knicks have no business appeasing a guy who shoots foul shots like Chris Dudley and jump shots like Chris Dudley.

This team is built around Melo and defense. Fields needs to learn how to make open shots and attack the basket in a half court set because the Knicks aren't changing anything for him.

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