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Originally Posted by craighockey View Post
I was playing or about to play inline hockey a week ago and as the game started I lost my balance after I passed the puck and landed full force on my right wrist. I was wearing my Mission hockey gloves which I feel might have contributed to the wrist fracture. It's not the brand that I'm blaming, it's the lack of actual wrist support the glove had and the over sized finger design that hockey gloves have. I felt almost as if my hand was rolling inside the glove as I landed on it. The glove to my knowledge fits right. I can stick handle and catch the puck fine with the glove, but what I want to know is how to avoid this in the future if I'm ever allowed to play again. Do players tape their wrists every game? Is there a better wrist guard solution? I'm really bummed out that I spent all this money on a sport I'm good at and some freak accident ends my season in one day. Any suggestions for wrist support would be uplifting. P.S. I already know not falling is one solution.
fractures are only one possible wrist injury, and really not even the most severe. a glove protects against impact with hard objects. unless your wrist actually slammed against the floor, your injury has nothing to do with the fit of the glove. it might have something to do with the padding on the glove being insufficient for that particular fall. i think that's unlikely.

people wrap their wrists to prevent flexion/extension injuries. the wrap reinforces the ligaments wrapping your wrist joint, which prevent your wrist from bending too far in all directions. if you fall in a way that causes the wrist to bend too far, a wrap can save your ligaments from tearing and in some cases will save your wrist. the wrap is far more effective that a fitted glove would be.

i obviously can't tell what kind of injury took place in your fall, but if you think you bent your wrist during the fall, then wrist wraps would be appropriate at least until you feel 100%. fwiw, i started wearing wrist wraps every time once my wrist got bent by a fall against the boards. every once in a while during stick-n-puck i won't tape them, but always during games, on an off-chance that i take another spill.

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