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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Erik Johnson isn't even close, his 5th in PK ice time, 3rd in Even strength ice time, 1st in PP ice time, and he doesn't play the other teams best. Johnson managed all of 26 points and a -7 despite clearly playing an offensive role, not #1 defenseman production. Johnson barely plays on the PK, unlike any other so called #1 defenseman. Johnson didn't even play 1st pairing minutes at even strength, what #1 defenseman doesn't? Let's face it the guy is unlikely to live up to his potential. He looks like a solid two way top 4 defenseman, not a #1 guy. He has the chance to become a very good player, but Subban unlike Johnson already is.

Subban is a #1 defenseman, people hate him for some reason but there is zero tangible evidence Johnson is better than Subban.

I've asked Colorado fans for something to post in his favor over and over, but they never do. All i get is, Sacco is dumb, anybody who watches knows Johnson has godlike ability despite his results and usage, and i know nothing about the Avalanche as i foolishly post facts to prove my points. Anybody who knows anything wouldn't use facts, and would state their apparently irrefutable opinion that Johnson is a future Norris winner. Go Avs Go!
What are you talking about? After the Avs traded for Johnson, he was playing like 25-26 minutes a night.

This season, he played through back spasms (missed 10 games because of them), and had a brace on his right wrist since about mid-November. When he's partnered up with Shane O'Brien or Matt Hunwick, he's gonna have a hard time getting tons of ice time. They are both horrible.

And yes, Joe Sacco is a huge reason why EJ didn't play a ton this season. Go look at all of our defensemens ice-time averages...they all play similar amounts. It's one of Sacco's weird tendencies that has always been there, except for right after the trade last year when we got EJ and he rode him all game long (no homo).

You can say whatever you want, but if you actually sit down and watch an Avs game, you CLEARLY see that EJ is by FAR the best defensemen on this team. No stat can show all of the little things he does.

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