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Originally Posted by BobBarker View Post
on HNIC they mentionned that Stan Bowman's sorta let know that he wasn't plenty satisfied with coaching done this year. Also talking about the hawks having 2 different camps of people with different mindsets. 1 of them included Tallon, Dudley, Bergevin, Quenneville.. the other 1 Bowman, macgiver, Smith ...which reinforces the fact Chicago would prolly let him walk away.

I'm not a hockey god but if you'd ask me I'd rather have Tallo, Dudley, Bergevin, Quenneville than the rest lol. Yes, Tallon messed up with signings like Campbell and Huet but god he turned the Hawks into a SC team and friggen did the same this year with Florida. Dudley in 1 year in Atlanta brought Chicago's underestimated guys like Ladd and Byfuglien with him for barely nothing in return. Quenneville never missed the playoffs, got to W conference final twice and won the SC once.

Fetching Dudley from Toronto is friggen awesome. As for Quenneville, I'd still prefer Babcock or idk, maybe Roy, but I definitly wouldn't be against him.
Actually Tallon didn't want Q

Q was brought in by influence of Scotty Bowman on Rocky Wirtz (Scotty and team pres were one's who forced Tallon to fire his friend Denis Savard)

Tallon didn't want to fire Savard ,, If Tallon had his way Denis Savard would have never been fired (And Hawks likely never win cup as Savard was a terrible in game coach)

And for Buff + Ladd (+ a cap dump in Sopel , A 4th liner in Eager and a cancer in Aliu)

The Hawks got

1st round pick (Kevin Hayes)
2nd round pick (Justin Holl)
2nd round pick (Adam Clendening)
LW Jeremy Morin

I wouldn't call that nothing

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Tallon didn't want to sign either Campbell or Huet to his contracts, it was (I think) the team President who wanted to usher a new era of stars who forced his hand.
Tallon went all in on Campbell

He followed him for years and wanted him badly ,, Hawks team president and ROcky Wirtz gave him blank check basically and Tallon spent it insanely

Campbell was Tallon boy (He also traded for him this past summer to confirm his love of Brian Campbell)

Huet is the one that is always source of debate

Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
Blackhawk fans are nearly universal in their hate for Quenneville at this point, although you could say the same about us with Martin, and he's still a good coach.
Most of the hate is result of his BFF Mike Kitchen

The guy is worst coach in NHL and destroyed Hawks special teams ,, Yet Q wont fire his friend

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