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05-07-2012, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
Internet chatter (100% reliable ) has MacInnis playing 1 year for the USNDTP then will be signing with Kitchener.
I don't understand the 1 year since they usually require a two year commitment. I know that there's a $50,000 buyout but I don't see the Rangers or the MacInnis's paying that amount.
Is that 50,000$ buyout 100% necessary or up the USNDTP to enforce? Could they theoretically have a wink-wink agreement to lessen the buyout to 25,000$? If the USNDTP knows they are going to lose MacInnis inevitably better to get some sort of play out of him?

My next question is if there is a 50G charge to get him over, could Kitchener/MacInnis family split the cost to get him over, 25 thou a piece?

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