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03-21-2006, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
honestly what can you do? we've been around and around in circles on this one...if teams think they can hammer prucha and take him off his game, they'll do it no matter what the rangers do to deter it. It's like Kaspar, what do you do to make him throwing hits? If you hit him back, he doesn't care. If you try to get him to fight, he's not gonna do it. You just can't stop Kaspar from throwing hits, and you're just not going to stop guys from trying to hit Prucha.
Don't get me wrong. This is not a "let's be sure to get Orr out there and protect our players"-type of response. I was more for thinking an eye-for-an eye philosophy. I understand that you will never prevent the Kaspers & Tuckers of teh world from stopping what they have done all of their career. However, we can go after similar playerl on the other team. Hollweg and Ortmeyer were hitting everything that moved last night. Get them on the ice w/ Bergeron or Sunding for a few shifts and treat him the way that Prucha gets treated. Hollweg is more than capable of hitting the opposition very hard without taking penalties.
That being said, I don't necessarily think he's always being hit as hard as it looks. He sometimes goes flying a little more because he is smaller
I agree that for the most part, Prucha spins himself out of a lot of major punishment. However, eventually he is going to take it on the chin.
There need not be a "turn-the-other cheek" philosophy. A good elbow is the beginning of an "eye-for-an eye" philosphy. If even you get the other team thinking that you will answer in a similar manner on their top players, Prucha and Jagr may absorb a few less hits.

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