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03-21-2006, 10:15 AM
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The_crippler12-HaBs Socks GAme-march 21 (ISL)

okay its a little game that i will try to do at all match...
first you will have to answer 5 questions if you are right on...

one question 0pts
two question 1pts
three question 2 pts
four question 3 pts
five question 10 pts
Six question 20 pts

and the first one to answer will gets one extra point and the last one too.
The game End at the start of the game.

1-Habs win?
2-How much missed shot by Sheldon souray?
3-Team total in +/- (habs)?
4-Player with more shot in the 1st period?(both team)(Defense or forward)
5-The game goes in overtime/shootout?
(6)-Attendance for the match?

1-CalHabFan 23pts
2-live forever 20 pts
3-Turbo 15pts
3-Shabutie 15pts
4-Talent Analyst 13 pts
4-DaHabsRule 13pts
4-TroyM 13 pts
5-Reiher 11pts
5-Twi2teD 11pts
6-x-bob 9 pts
7-TornACL 8pts
7-Joey 8pts
9-Vicious 6 pts
9-tCheur 6pts
9-Chfan 6pts
10-Phil 5 pts
10-Habsfan15 5 pts
10-Snyke 5pts
10-dylan 5 pts
10-2_kovalev_7 5pts
11-corevx 4pts
11-Weis 4pts
11-Gohabs 4 pts
11-201127 4 pts
11-Jaydee96 4 pts
11-dumitru123 4pts
12-CrosbyisGod 3pts
12-MacHabs93 3pts
12-wholefnshow 3 pts
12-frolov_kovalev 3 pts
12-LePoche69 3 pts
12-Hab-Dawgs 3 pts
12-Namso 3 pts
12-Perez Rocks 3pts
13-Habit 2 pts
13-gars59 2pts
13-Ghost # 1 2pts
13-Fufonzo 2 pts
13-22stevebegin22 2 pts
13-Komisarek8 2pts
13-jpchabby 2 pts
14-Kovalev10 1pt
14-CanadienFan11 1pt
14-mjb45 1pt
14-bOrEd 1pt
14-Renholder 1pt
14-Tmc 1 pt
14-Habsruleen 1 pt
14-Klaudius 1 pt
14-KILLger 1 pt
14-Brisk-illusion 1 pt
14-Habs911 1pt
14-komisakick *** 1 pt
14-Ninot 1pt
15-bb74 0 pt
Problem ? tell me?


We win because Of them!

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