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11-23-2003, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
i hope they are ready to take off. but i need more than one game to really think this team is over the hump. if they win both games in the sunshine state this week than maybe we can start thinking we are out of an early season slump.

sather needs to do something about the roster. its time we got the dead weight out of here.

i dont think you understand the whole principle of mixing young guys in with the vets. see, every year all the teams get together and have this thing called a draft, where they all choose young men that will hopefully be helpful to their team down the road or right away... but its usually down the road. now as these young men who were "draft" play more hockey and as time goes on to being better hockey players... or "developing." now part of the "developing" process, they must be introduced to playing in the NHL... to learn how to play effectively in the NHL.

now when you dont mix in new players with your older ones, what happens is that the older ones move on, or in almost every case with this team retirers rich, there is no "developed" young men from the "draft" to replace them. so we have to go buy some else's used junk every summer to replace them... which never works. which is why our team is.......... BAD.

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