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Originally Posted by RC51
So your happy with the habs and satisfied with 8th place and for next year also.

The Habs rookies are just ok and have a ton to prove to you before they earn right ok with a set of 5 year outstanding seasons. my post. When did I ever say that I was happy with where we are? Let me where.
I am very unhappy with our team.
Our team captain (may he play all this career as a hab), has ONLY 5pts more then our residential useless, unproductive, weak, liable, slow as a tree trunk Ribs (although played 8 games less). Was expecting 80-90 from him this year...
Kovy, the closest player we have to a ppg star offensemen is only breaking 50 now...was expecting way more from him.
Ryder our great rookie from the last season they played, barely has 1 pt more than, again, unproductive, useless, weak, slow punk Ribs. And although both of them have played most of the season on different lines, they are now equal in +/-. Was hoping for at least a repeat from the 2003/4 season.
Ribs, damn he's annoying. All that skill yet...Don't think he can really get that much stronger so was hoping he would have trained to get faster on his feet. No such luck. And on top of that, he goes straight into a year long slump. Thank the gods that he's actually playing with some grit and effort now. It shows considering his +/- has been dropping quite a bit. -7 isn't so shabby now considering he was by far the worst with his -13. Still, was expecting about 70-75 pts this year, maybe even 80.
Oh hell, I can keep on going.
Zed? 50 pts
Bonk? 50 pts
Markov? 50 pts.
The late Theo? never mind.
The fact of the matter is the team just reeks of a year long slump. The only ones who have been performing to some extent have been the rookies. But even then, I'm not seeing super stardom from any of them. Lats, Kost, Chip, Price in the future maybe but from the guys we have up now? They will all be good useable players but I don't see any of them being great.
(oh, but I am very pleased with Huet though. Wasn't expecting that at all, and Komi will be a very good D)
so let me see, am I happy with where we are? hmm...hard question...err..NO!
But that still doesn't mean I think we should dump Ribs, Bonk and everyone else in a slump. If we do that then we must dump ALL of our forwards (even Kovy) and just play the rookies. And I'm sure some of you would actually prefer that. If we are unhappy with the production with our 2nd C, we do NOT replace him with a rookie C who, although is faster and grittier, is not nearly as offensively gifted as Ribs and never will be. Or do you seriously think you all will be happy with Pleks production as a #2 C? ...The fact of the matter is, the rookies will eventually replace some of the guys on the lineup but that eventuality is not now. We are playing in the NHL, we aren't the AHL Bulldogs. We don't just dump EVERYONE you don't like and replace them with rookies and think we are suddenly going to be a contender. We don't even know if the rookies we have will become legit NHLers. Some certainly seem they would be, but I haven't seen ANY of them steal the jobs from the current NHLers we have on our team unlike Ribs and Ryder in 2003/4. And no, I don't expect the rookies to be an Ovechkin but none of them (those that are on the team now) are even close to being half an Ovechkin.
And as for getting UFA's, who will won't to play for us??? They will get less money to play in a pressure cooker where even a slight sliver chance of a messup and you are booed till you feel like jumping off a cliff. I mean come on, Aeb is our new goalie and on his second game ever playing for us the fans starts chanting Huet after the second goal? Why would any sane person EVER want to play for a team like that? The Montreal fans does not give anyone a chance. As fans we are supposed to be booing the oponents but hell if it seems we are more preoccupied booing our own team. With fans like ours why do we need enemies? We are way worse. So no, don't expect any star player to come to Montreal any time soon. And for goodness sake, be appreciative with the players we have now who even with all the torture we put them through (note: WE not the other team, WE), they still are playing and trying to win for us. We sure as hell don't deserve them!

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