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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
I've asked Colorado fans for something to post in his favor over and over, but they never do. All i get is, Sacco is dumb, anybody who watches knows Johnson has godlike ability despite his results and usage, and i know nothing about the Avalanche as i foolishly post facts to prove my points. Anybody who knows anything wouldn't use facts, and would state their apparently irrefutable opinion that Johnson is a future Norris winner. Go Avs Go!

Give aways:


Johnson had 93 less penalty minutes, despite only having one less fight.

Johnson put up 2 less powerplay points, despite playing 8 less games, and averaging more than a minute less per game on the powerplay.

Gp-77, G-14, A-24, Pts-38, rookie season (21 years old)
Gp-81, G-7, A-29, Pts-36, Sophomore season (22 years old)

Gp-69, G-5, A-28, Pts-33, rookie season (19 years old)
Injured whole year
Gp-77, G-10 , A-29 , Pts-39 , Sophomore season (21 years old)

So very similar rookie seasons, despite Johnson being 2 years younger in his. Then he had a better sophomore year, despite being one year younger in his season.

Anyways, I think a lot of it is preference. Bigger and steadier, or faster and more dynamic. Both can throw big hits, and have produced similar offense. Can't go wrong with either. Subban isn't likely to produce as little as Johnson has the last two seasons, but I think going forward they're numbers will always be close. Subban more goals, Johnson more assists.

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