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03-21-2006, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by sXe
Clear how? To who? He was able to make one of the worst team in the league, that is your proff Hainsey is ready? Expansion teams have the luxury of playing scrap and taking a chance that he will pan out because no matter if he does or doesn't they still suck.
Hainsey had more than his share of chances and blew them all with piss poor defensive plays and abysmal effort and I won't mention attitude because I wasn't there.

I bet no one in this thread even saw him play once this year.
It's getting clear because he is clearly doing well in Columbus in the role they offered him (5/6) as opposed to the shuttling that the habs have proffered him time and time again.
Last year (03-04) IMO, Ron was pretty close to making the club fulltime... He had a bit of moxy yes, and as with most offensive defencemen, he had holes in his defensive coverage... But he did show the promise that made him an up and coming PP quarterback.

I myself have watched him play a handful of games in Columbus, as my best friend owns the center ice package, is a Detroit fan, and we watch their games (and quite often the habs as well of course I try to be a good influence to his hockey taste... )
While he did have a brain fart in the Detroit game, he also potted 2 assists in the same game... See, this is what he needed (to get the ice time to get a second chance in a game, to make right)... Letting defencemen sit and rotate on errors is a bad thing (hopefully that is resolved with the new institution that was implemented)... Another player who has felt the heat is Komisarek...

I would love to see the numbers as to how many hab fans think he would have scored earlier if he was given the green light, and was not benched for errors within games... then given shifts after watching vets doing the same mistakes...

Anyhow, I love this team, and to be quite frank, Montreal (the poster) is quite right... Bringing up dead issues and reveling after the fact is a sore spot for some... And I for one have come to accept the team of D we have now... I love Souray, Markov, Komisarek, Rivet, Dandenault, and finally after many seasons... Frankie Bubbles too... He has a better role in the newly formed NHL... and though I was all against the bubbles side of the Bubbles/Hainsey debate... He has become IMO a real rock due to his tenacity that he displays on the ice.

I will miss Rockin Ron, and occassionaly wonder what would have become of him... But to say he is still garbage, and always was garbage when clearly that isnt, and wasnt ever the case is just plain sour milk. Ronnie is doing awesome in Columbus, and is seriously contributing to the team over there... As a hab fan, good for him, I wish him all the best, just not against us.

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