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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
And the section you highlighted wasn't just a reference of the players but the entire team, coaches AND players.

But being that the coach has had multiple types of rosters over the years and can't get it done, you can keep the coach and have the same results year in and year out. Sorry if I want more.
where did i state i dont want "more"? of course everyone wants more, im assuming you mean the Cup? Either way we all want more out of our team, even Barry Trotz I just personally believe Trotz is the guy that could take us all the way.

But to shed some light on this.... This season and 2006-07 are the only years where i've felt we've had a team that is capable of doing some damage in the playoffs. We should wait until Barry has a longer sample size of coaching a LEGIT team, kinda like this years.

If we had been a cap team for 13 years spending all sorts of cash and still coming up short, I'd understand and fully agree with all this, but we haven't. We've just emerged from the expansion status and are starting to take that next step. If Trotz can do this with mediocre talent, what can he do with more? We really don't know yet. But we do know he has gotten us to the 2nd round two years in a row. Trotz doesnt have control of his players sticks, and thats the only thing thats kept us from being ahead in this years 2nd round against PHX, the players. I just really dont see this as a coaching problem that our franchise is having. But rather growing pains, that arent that big of a problem.


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