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03-21-2006, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by oli500
Maybe I wasent clear but the point that I want to pass on is that weve got better players in our system than these four. Im thinking long term, if these four are still on the team next year and taking spots away from are younger better players than were not getting better. I dont like the way montreal deals with its young players. If bonk and sundstrom are still on the team next year than were wasting latendresse and chipchuras talent. Chipchura and latendresse are players that have enough character to not need ahl time. Im sure chipchura and latendresse cant do any worse than what bonk and sundstrom are doing. Plekanec is another player that has an amazing potential at puting up big seasons, 70 to 80 points seasons. Hes faster than ribeiro, hes got a much better shot, hes even got a better vision than ribs in my opinion. If we keep ribeiro and give him quality minuts and let plekanec suffer on the 3rd line than hes never going to do what hes capable of doing. Were paying alot of money to guys who we can easily replace.
I agree that Chip and Lats seem to be better than Bonk and Sunny but it's too early to tell. They are afterall, rookies who really haven't played any NHL games. So dumping Bonk and Sunny (though I don't think Sunny would be with us next year in any case...) just to give Chip and Lats playing time is ridiculously risky. Besides, you don't just replace your vets with rookies with no experience just because they are good prospects. They are to earn their spots. And unless you are a Crosby or Ovechkin, prospects should be brought along slowly, not thrown in., unless you truly believe the AHL Bulldogs would do better than the habs. Basically, their time will come, just not that soon. A little patience will do you a lot of good.

As for Pleky, sorry, I disagree. I don't see him as a 70-80 pts player. Even Koivu isn't that currently, do you truly think Pleky can get more pts than ANYONE on the team right now if given 2nd/1st line duties for one full year? Sorry, let me restate you truly believe that Pleky is such an amazing player that he will destroy everyone on this team pts wise as no one on the current roster is even close to 80pts this year? He's a good player, but he's not a GREAT player. I still see him as a 40-50 pts player. A good 3rd line C or an amazing 4th line C. He's a good two way forward, and at least imo, not an top line offensive player.

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