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03-21-2006, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by oli500
This is not a reaction towards the loss yesterday. My point is that we've been stuck in playoff races for decades.
What about the 93 cup? that's doesn't count as decades ago, been awhile yes, but it's not like the team hasn't gone anywhere since say 2000. With the youth comming up, we are bound to see some changes soon. And to claim that thoses players make a combination of 6.1mil, that really isn't that bad, there is a lot worse out there in the league like bertuzzi's fat salary and his fat *** doing a whole lot of nothing in vancouver. I mean I live in vancouver and i hear nothing but complaints about this guy. Or Yashin as someone pointed out, can't say that lecavalier or st.louis have been playing upto their full potential and what they are being paid for. If we had some of these guys on our team we would be complaining a lot more about their peformance then that of ribs making 1.1mil.

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