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05-07-2012, 10:55 PM
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Lots of closet drug addicts in this thread, I think. How, exactly, does one do cocaine "responsibly"? And not caring if a guy is bringing cocaine into an ice arena that probably has children in and out of it all day and night? Not caring that the guy is allegedly doing lines in the BATHROOM? Very responsible there...

There's a pretty huge difference between cocaine, and having a few beers, or getting high every now and then. If you don't see the difference, well, I look forward to hearing how your rehab turns out, or how unfair it was that you were fired because you couldn't pass a drug test. Ridiculous.

I'd get rid of the guy. A guy that is irresponsible enough to bring cocaine into a public ice arena and snort some lines IN PUBLIC doesn't sound like the type of person I'd like to associate myself with. How cool would it be to let him stay on your team, and then he drops dead of a massive heart attack on the ice?

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