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03-21-2006, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
Let's see, the last game was out of hand to begin with so you can have that game. The two before that we won in dramatic fashion in OT in the Garden. Then the game before that you won in OT in our building and the first game of the season you won. A lot has changed since then, our defensive guys are back in Kapanen and Handzus who are pretty good at shutting down guys. We could take what the Bruins did last night and put a guy (like the B's did with Stastny) on Jagr all night to pester him. I don't recall Jagr getting on the score sheet last night, do you? This formula can be adopted by any team that plays you in the playoffs or in a future game.

The Devils stink, of course it isn't your year. When almost healthy, we can be an unstoppable team. That road trip proved that. I would take Forsberg over Jagr any day, Forsberg never takes games off like Jagr has and probably will.

That's just wishful thinking on your part, sorry.
An unstoppable team?

Am I on the same board that just a couple of days agao was going on and on about how Hitch has lost the team....the same posters who said they'd never seen a Flyer team play with less heart after getting beaten by Pitt...the same team that STILL has goaltending issues and one where neither can emerge as the #1 goalie?

As for Jagr, maybe you should actually watch these games because YES, Jagr recorded an assist last night and last I checked that still counted as a point in the NHL.

Aside from that you'd see that Jagr and the NYR coaching staff have seen this before and have made adjustments to take adavatage of it like Jagr going and standing right next to another player on the oppossing team so that it's a 4 on 3 everywhere else on the ice in the NYR's favor or the fact that in doing this last night it totally stiffled the B's attack to the point where they had to abandon the stategy half way through the game as it simply wasn't working but be my guest and give it a shot Wed night.

And one last comment you made about Jagr taking nights off...again, the guy has had groind injuries all year and has yet to miss even ONE game and he has been spectacular in pretty much each and every one of thus thus leading the NHL in both goals and points and GWG' many games has Peter missed again???At least he was healthy enough to suit up for Sweden in the Olympics after missing all the Flyer games leading up to it...and who was that that pulled himself from the lineup the other night...was that Jagr or Forsberg?

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