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05-07-2012, 11:14 PM
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it's amazing how much calmer i am for these games compared to the florida series. that really doesn't even make sense
Same here. When they went down 2-0 last night, I looked at my GF and said,"good, watch them still win". In the FLA series, a PP was a guaranteed goal

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It does. Florida came to play every night. Every guy gave everything they had. And Florida knew how to play team defense and had a ferocious forecheck.

Philadelphia does none of those things.

But, really, far more important than any difference between Florida and Philadelphia is the Devils. This team went through a metamorphosis sometime between Games 1 and 2 of this series. I don't know what triggered it. Maybe it was playing the Flyers and realizing that yes, they could compete with them. Maybe it was just one of those things where a team gets hot. But the Devils right now are playing hockey that is as good as they were playing in the second half last year during that unbelievable run.

The Devils habitually go on long, twenty to thirty game stretches of playing fabulously awesome hockey. We do it once a season, generally speaking. We're doing it right now. I don't know why it starts, and I don't know why it stops, but I know I haven't been this confident watching Devils playoff hockey since 2003.
I think the game plan and the mind set was there since game one, they just ran out of juice by the 2nd period. The plan was there, but you can see they were a step behind once they started running on empty and yet still had a chance to win. And that's where I think the confidence came from. Even on their worst, tired night, against a well rested team, they were in the game and only lost on a possibly questionable goal.

But one more hill to climb baby! LGD!