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05-08-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
I agree with all of these, but the thing still is that he's overpaid. It won't change. He'll never justify his pay. Some people will realize this and move on, and focus on other, fixable issues. Others will crucify Bryz until he plays up to a $51 million dollar level...which will last 9 years, and drive the rest of us nuts.

The organization decided to cross a VERY expensive bridge that it can't go back on. They DO NEED to build the system around him. As selfish and terrible as that sounds, that's how he plays his best. The onus is on the organization for not realizing this over the summer...not realizing that his greatness was a product of a system, and that he's not athletic enough (side-to-side) to account for an aggressive defense's mistakes, and too fragile minded to deal with a couple bad games/goals.

Snider and Holmgren chose to make him the highest paid player on the team (and the league ), now they need to bite the bullet and mold the system around their investment.
i know hes overpaid, and I dont hold that against him because he would of been dumb to not sign that contract given to him by Holmgren/Snider.
I am not so sure its the system so much as its the type of players in front of him. The Flyers have traded away some pretty damn good defensive minded forwards in the last couple of seasons and they put a lot of pressure on many players who are either young and inexperienced or just havent learned how to play on the defensive side of the puck yet.
I do think we are going have to add some size up the middle because this team is pretty small at center. I dont have any answers on who to go out and get, but I feel its needed.
I do agree to a point that chances need to happen to this roster. i think many of us knew that the team was going to be weaker defensively as a unit up front , but there was hope that the defense would make up for the defiencies.
Of course no one could of predicted what happened to Pronger, so there is nothing you can do there. the Pronger injury affected this team in so many ways. It put more pressure on guys like Mez, Timonen and Carle and we saw the results. one got hurt, one wore down consiterably this season and Carle well, I dont think we dont need to go down that road.
Once key defenseman started going down it put pressure on the forwards to do things they werent used to doing and some of them stuggled defensively.
I would dare to say some unpopular decisions are going to be made this offseason. We all know Holmgren isnt afraid to make big moves.

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