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05-08-2012, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
The amount of defensive-minded teams that made it to the 2nd round has been talked about a lot, but what hasn't been talked about a lot (as far as I can tell) is how this may affect the NHL going further. But the Blues, Devils, and Kings are all still able to bring an exciting style of play every night, and other teams like the Coyotes and Devils don't have especially talented defenses, but seem completely impenetrable right now.

Two part question: Ignoring the "it's a boring style of play" garbage, is it possible to see a large collection of coaches overhaul their team's system next season to be heavily defensive?

What would you think if the Flyers went ahead with this change next season?
For now, it's only 1 season. I don't think it will be heavily imitated until it becomes a trend. All of the Cup winners since the lockout to this point have had top 10 offenses, and I think all but two have had top 10 defenses. Saying teams will need to be offensive or defensive is an oversimplification, because the teams that win it all are usually both. Lavi's been in the finals twice in recent years, so I don't think he should change his system because of this one (successful) season.

Originally Posted by OriginJM View Post
Lavi loves the Run N' Gun method, and okay, sometimes that works. The problem is that he runs that method on every single line. If he gave the bottom two lines a more defensive mind set, then we would be far more balanced. There is a reason we have 4 scoring lines fellas, because we're only thinking about one side of the ice.
Yup. It worked much better in 2010 when our 4th line was actually a defensively responsible checking line. Luckily those types of players aren't as hard to find as gifted scorers, which we've got. Of course, we also had a few more strong 2-way players than we do now and that's Homer's job to fix.

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