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11-23-2003, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by dp5nyr1
Need to get traded. First of Hlavac this guy just sux. cant stay on his skates, plays like a although he was hitting alil (very surprised!) and another fault is whenever he has the puck downlow 99% of time its lost just pisses me off. Nedved another one jus sickening to 2 see these2. if they both dont get traded by the deadline ill be very upset. Lets pull Thornton out of Boston come on Slather! thats a real hockey player. not these wimps we got.
are you friggin serious??

first off you think that boston is gonna just give up thornton cause sather decides he wants him??

and on top of that you say both nedved & hlavac sux but you then want sather and turn around and trade them for the agruable the best young player in the league??

no offense but you aren't even in the ballpark of reality on this one

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