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05-08-2012, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by cfaub View Post
I would rather see the team continue to stockpile draft picks or add talent that will be here in 2014 then send a 2nd back for an OA who will not add anything for the year they are building towards.

A smart move IMO.

As for the others they could have added, if your target guys aren't available why settle for someone you were not seeking in the first place, especially if they take up an OA spot? The cost of the deal is irrelevant if the player does not appear to be the fit you are looking for.

This team does not need to add bodies just for the sake of adding a body, the kids still need development time.

That being said I can see one of these players moving elsewhere and having a banner year for someone else and we will all look back and say a 5th could have brought them here.
You cannot kist skip next year and host the Memorial Cup. A Findley would of been good leadership to guide all those youngins next year and learn how to win. It takes very good older vets to show younger kids just how tough it is and keep them outta trouble. I recall Bassin doing this a few years back icing a real young team with little experience to help his kids out....major flop followed.

I see where your all going with building a team for 2014 but you cannot jump hurdles this fast. They should spend some pics this off-season and surround the young guys with good solid OA's. It may not be for a Championship but the value gained from them is worth it.

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