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05-08-2012, 08:34 AM
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I tried really hard to refrain from making a point, thus the use of 'could' rather than 'would'.

There are definitely a ton of variables to consider but one concession to the way things eventually did play out that I'm willing to make is that I feel quite strongly that Mike Smith is a very solid goaltender. He was when he was here. He is again now. Really, what his time in Tampa should speak to is how that is an organization where goalies go to die. Luckily for Smith he was young enough to get out while he could.

One thing I will debate you on is your characterization of the Jackson/Hull philosophy being more offensively oriented at the expense of defense, at least as far as the Richards acquisition goes. I think they wanted a hell of a shot in the arm and were prepared to pay what it took to get that. Tampa was in a tough spot with their ownership situation and lost a little leverage in the trade market due to their necessity to sell the asset. If they had a surplus of high quality defensemen I think Stars management at the time would have been in on that as well.

I agree that the Stars probably don't make the Conference Finals in '08 without making that trade.

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