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05-08-2012, 08:49 AM
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i'll try a 'Beefism' here: 'I never once said Holtby was the reason they were down'

but doesn't it look odd to see the goalie getting skewered for every goal against?
sure it does. now imagine this was the Flyers goalie & now you know why i say it looks funny to see Bryz getting skewered for every goal against, when the bashers do it.

or when they say 'goaltending was our issue' 'i never said bryz was the reason we are down 3-1' then: 'Bryz hasn't solved our issue'

wha ?????

of course I don't blame Holtby for either goal, but folks, this is the way Bryz has gotten skewered all year. on any given goal, there are those certain people here who do exactly what I did to Holtby here. 'poor rebound control' 'bad on deflections'

the difference: they are serious.

i picked apart Holtby exactly the way the BryzHaters do, and just look how everybody absolves Holtby - just like i knew they would [and correctly so]

now, put an orange jersey with #30 on him, and those very same BryzHaters & Bash-A-Delphians would skewer him for every goal against - finding something wrong on each and every one.

my thought was that picking apart every goal & blaming the goalie is absurd to 100% of us here. [nobody here honestly blames Holtby]

but, picking apart every goal & blaming the goalie is absurd to only 95% of us here when it comes to Bryz.

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