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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Two other things they're doing . . .

1. They're jumping the Flyer coming with speed who's in the process of taking a drop/back pass. Totally kills their breakout when they manage to get out of their zone clean . . .

Really, what you've got is a case where the Devils game planned for the series, where they're both aggressive and sometimes unpredictable on the forecheck, and where they run multiple breakouts.

O'k, I'll get **** on for writing this, but I don't see how anyone can watch this (or other series) and NOT see Bylsma as part of the playoff problem..
Someone is not paying attention to what's going on if they don't put a substantial amount of responsibility on the coach. 1) The system is flawed because it is overly-aggressive / relies too much on a speedy back-check if the transition passes fail; that works OK in the regular season because we have the horses. It doesn't work as well in the playoffs where there are no doormats and every team's speed and intensity is ratcheted up a notch; 2) Major adjustments should've been made after Game 2 to clamp down and be more conservative defensively but I suspect there was no backup plan to be had. So we reduced the number of long passes we tried to make and made our F back-check harder and it helped some, but wasn't enough.

Around here all of that gets conflated with "should we fire or not fire the coach". They're two separate issues.

IMO the coach should get a lot of the blame AND keep his job, for the time being. Nobody becomes a great coach after 3 years in the NHL. Takes some hard knocks. I believe Bylsma has what it takes personality-wise to be a great coach (that part is harder to learn than the chalkboard stuff), but we found out the hard way that he was a "one plan man". Any good coach needs to have two or three approaches he can take in the middle of a series or season if things start to go bad.

With some roster adjustments Bylsma should have all the tools at his disposal to mold a team that can play at least two different styles at the drop of a hat, come deadline time. Against teams with weaker offenses we can do what we did this year and we'll be fine. Against teams with dangerous offenses we should be able to play a more conservative brand of D and win some 3-2 type games. Essentially, do what NJ is doing by not making it so damn easy for Philly to dictate the pace of play. If Shero isn't seeing that by February and we're not leading the division or within a few points of same, he should look at another coach.

Originally Posted by Jahodac View Post
- Getting under Giroux's skin
This is rarely mentioned and more important than people realize. That guy walked all over us, and Voracek too. No one made either of these guys pay a physical price; it was like they were playing pond-hockey.

Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
[*]The goaltender is giving his team a chance to win.
This situation is about defense. Marty has been just OK. Good enough to win. The other night he let in 2 of the first 14 shots... and they ended with 18 or something like that. The reality is, we gave the Flyers far more quality scoring chances every game than NJ is giving. We let them gain our zone with speed and they constantly had us on our heels with their cross-ice puck movement. Everything was react, react, react instead of owning the center of the ice and forcing Philly to play a cycle / physical offensive game... which they CAN do, but they're less adept at that, then playing the up-tempo game we tried to stick with most of the series. Our game style allows for some big hits to be made but it's a lot less physical overall than it could be if we slowed things down a bit. Also that up-tempo game leads to more penalties being taken against a team like Philly because we get caught out of position a lot and try to cheat to make up for it.

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