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Originally Posted by danishdynamite View Post
After the first 3 matches it's time for a little evaluation. The conclusion is clear: The coach has been absolutely terrible. His lines are crazy, his defence is naive and he has not been able to get the players to perform consistantly.
I would much prefer an Olaf Eller (Danisk coach/commentator) to coach this team - I don't think anyone could do it worse actually.
If the coach doesn't make some major changes in the line-up and we continue to play like this, then he has to be fired after this WC.
Eller suggested these lines before the match against Sweden:

Starkov - Nielsen - Hansen
Hardt - Eller - Jensen
Madsen - Green - Jakobsen

I think that would be some nice balanced lines. Backmans 1. line is not working at all. They were terrible yesterday, and when the coach doesn't change it, he is responsible for the lack of results.
If our "comeback" against Sweden means, that he will keep his lines, then it would have been better to loose 10-1.
We have the material to play with any nation - at the moment our coach is loosing the games for us.
After these 3 games I have to agree. I've been a great fan of Bäckman, but I agree something is completely wrong for this WC. "Everyone" in Montreal and Denmark can see that Eller is misplaced on the wing. He should totally play center on the second line. Backpairs has also been awful, whether it can be changed for the better or we simply lack depth here only time will tell. Your idea of Starkov on the first line is very interesting. He has been surprinsingly better than expected offensively (though he still sucks in defence), but playing with both Nielsen and Hansen should counter that defect for the team. You manage here IMP to still rooster three good and balanced lines. Jacobsen has been great but if he just could put in his mega-chances against both Italy and Sweden. Jesper Jensen has truly been the most surprising player so far for Denmark - what a steal for Karlskrona.

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