Thread: Confirmed with Link: Giroux suspended for one game
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05-08-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Ryan52 View Post
to those who thought zubrus was embellishing, have you ever even played hockey, let alone take a hit to the head?
Well it is one of those weird areas where unless you've been there it doesn't make sense (the reaction to being hit up high that is).

It's sort of like soccer in a way. A lot of my friends think everything is a dive. One day we were out on the beach and I challenged one to 100 yard dash. I barely nicked his calf (on purpose) and the guy went down like a sack of potatoes and rolled another good 10 feet. When you're flying at full speed you go down easy. When you're flying at full speed and have to control a bouncing ball, you go down even easier. After that they understood.

With hockey its sort of the same way in regard to head shots. People forget just how fast these guys are traveling, how hard the protection is that they are launching into a head, etc. So when a quick chip to the head happens and there is a guy rolling around on the ice, everyone just laughs. Even though I believe that same EXACT thing happened to JVR. A quick little shot to his head, he went down full force like crazy. He ended up with a concussion. A lot of people thought he was embellishing.

Any way, the suspension is insane, not because it shouldn't be suspended (in my head he should be out 10+ games... I HATE head shots), but because of the pure inconsistency on the leagues part. Its frustrating as a fan and I've mentioned it on here that its things like this that just push me further away from watching the game.

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