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05-08-2012, 10:24 AM
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I have had enough of the what have you done for me lately set. With this group, Gaborik would be gone at this point and Hank would have been traded after his awful second half a few years back.

First off, which two seasons do you mean? He had a bad year this year and has a messed up leg right now. He isn't playing, so he is not on the radar in this series....

Second, what are you moving him for right now? A second or third round pick? You aren't getting much more for him after this year with his salary. So what do you do with that? This draft is crappy after the top 5-10. I guess he could be part of a package for a wing we want, but that would include a D-man and a draft pick. Anisimov is a better candidate to trade becasue of salary and preceived upside (I really think he has hit his peak).

Finally, I still believe in him. Is he paid too much? Yes. Is he a liability on the ice? Rarely. He didn't score this year, I will give you that. A lot of that, to me, is his lack of shooting. Most of that is based on a lack of ice time. Last year, he averaged 20:14 per game. This year 16:16. 4 minutes less per game. His shot totals dropped from 220 last year to 140 this year partially because of that lack of time and because he came off the power-play (That is 11 of his points from last year). I am not saying his play didn't cause his ice time to drop off, but just remember that last year we didn't have Richards or Hagelin.

Again, he had a bad year, but it isn't as simple as he is suddenly a terrible player. He is a player in a new role. He needs to shoot more and make the decision to shoot more in the zone. He will come around. Don't forget that he led the Rangers in game-winning goals for two consecutive seasons and plays with an edge.

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