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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
I badly need a good analysis of Galchenyuk. For me with the few game sthat I saw he just doesn't have that star potential that Grigorenko has. He's a safer bet, but does he really have 1st line potential?
Some stuff from an excellent OHL site:

3. Alex Galchenyuk - Sarnia Sting
Alex is just a tremendous offensive player. He might have the best hands in the entire OHL, and next year's he's going to make one NHL GM very happy. Along with Nail Yakupov, he's become such an electrifying player who plays the game at full speed ahead. He's also got a bit of a mean streak, which he'll need as teams start to further zero in on him. I wouldn't be surprised if he lead the league in scoring next year.

One contributor who's in the former category of the previous comment, suggests people are forgetting that some had Galchenyuk rated ahead of Yakupov at the end of last season. "Count me in the group who had Galchenyuk ahead of Yakupov coming into the season, but itís tough to move him up when he hasnít played a regular season game this year. Galchenyuk should get in the lineup before the playoffs end, but if he doesnít light it up Iím not going to be too concerned given his layoff." Another contributor agrees. "He wrecked a knee, but that's not going to wreck his vision and how he sees the ice." Ditto for another contributor. "This kid has insane offensive creativity and if he was healthy, he'd be pushing for the top spot in the draft. A lot of people are forgetting that. He's certainly better than Grigorenko IMO." Here's hoping for a return, and a productive one, in March so that Galchenyuk can reaffirm his placement as one of the top player's in this draft.

BO: "Hypothetically speaking, if Alex Galchenyuk doesnít tear up his knee, does he compete with Nail (and Grigerenko for that matter) for first overall?"

DB: "I have an advantage as I was part of the scouting staff in Sarnia that drafted Alex first overall and saw him play quite often as a member of the Chicago Young Americans and last year in his OHL rookie season. Galchenyuk has elite skills and marries it with a competitive streak that is unrivalled by his peers. In addition to his scoring exploits, as he was the highest scoring 94 in the OHL last season with 83 points in all 68 games, he is an incredibly smart-two player. He simply hates to loose and his training regime is second to none as he is very committed off ice. There is speculation that he may return at the end of February as he is rehabbing his knee twice a day and making special trips to London for treatment. Should he return it would be great for the Sting and the league as he is worth the price of admission."

BO - I have to ask you about the return of Alex Galchenyuk. How do you feel he fared in his brief return to action? Did he cement himself as a Top 10 pick? Top 5 pick?

DB - We have always had him in our top 10 since the beginning of the season. I was part of the scouting staff that drafted Galchenyuk with the first overall pick so I understand the mental make up of the player and the fact that he willingly came back and not only played but contributed in the playoffs is a testament to his skill and character. He is a player that leads by example and has the skills to be a game breaker at the NHL level, his skating has marked considerable improvement and he plays a 200 foot game. During the playoffs he was a step behind plays but given the severity of his injury, one can certainly not fault him for that. Galchenyuk is extremely hard working off the ice as his training regimen rivals that of current NHL'ers. I think given his commitment and the work he will do in the off-season he has an outside chance of sticking next year in the NHL. He will certainly get his 6-8 game NHL audition similar to that of Mark Schiefele of the Winnipeg Jets last season.

"Despite the loss, I could certainly see the high-end talent that Galchenyuk has," Jensen told "His shifts during the game were limited and very short as was to be expected. He's an excellent skater, very strong strides. He didn't get any chances but handled the puck well with confidence and made a couple of nice passes.

"He's got great hands overall for a player that has missed so much time this year with the injury. It looks very promising for him moving forward -- he's an excellent prospect."

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