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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Rychel has been very poor the past 2 seasons in bringing in quality OA's for the Spits. He tried to salvage 10/11 by acquiring Brown and Carrick but if you recall at the beginning it was a gong show of Tarini and Clouthier. This year was barely a step up on that and right now Czinder, Posa and Braithwaite is no great shakes. To make an analogy with Rychel he's like a major league pitcher who has lost his fastball. Rychel either needs to regain his fastball or adjust and find a curveball or slider. The team still lacks picks in 2013 and have a fair share in 2014 but they're still not in good draft pick shape. The past few years of success really crippled Windsor.
I guess Rychel has to do what Hunter of London has done after 6 years of not going to the Ohl finals and regain his fastball
As I stated before I happily take the 2 mem cup wins,knowing full well some down time
may occur
Does Rychel get 4 more years or do u think Rayzor only Hunter gets a free pass to get his team to the finals once in 6 years
Quality O/As for the most part are harder to find every year,rarely does a team keep a guy for 5 years,in fact with the spits mem cup wins not one o/a played here for 5 years
London has found a way to go with 1,Brett Cook acquired at the trade deadline,colin Martin is never used,one could argue should the Knights not win the league and mem cup they failed miserably in the o/a dept
I think Brown,Carrick and Johnston were better o/a then this past year s of Cullen.Macqueen and Robertson
I think 1 year out of 4 this past year hardly rates losing a fastball,most hockey people know in jrs that there is a price to pay when successful,even more so when a team wins twice,something London,Plymoth and Kitchener cant claim,
This past year,spits make the playoffs and still get a generational player in the draft
Most hockey people feel the spits had a real good draft,probably their best in the last 3 years
You are the only one who feels that Rychel has lost a bit of his touch,while others I speak to across the league say quite the opposite
2 years removed from 2 mem cups and 1 year away from a final 4 appearance is to me not enough to criticize his performance,unless of course you are willing to admit that Hunters six years from the league finals and Vellucci s inability to get his team to win the biggie also indicates a loss of ability

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