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05-08-2012, 12:46 PM
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The most annoying thing about Pierre is that he always looks for validation from EddieO. "Hey Eddie, you like that decision by *player A*?" "Hey Eddie, what do you think about him not taking the shot and passing it instead?" "Hey Eddie, don't you think bla bla bla?" "Hey Eddie, wouldn't you agree bla bla bla?"

Just say what you think knuckle head.

Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
It's more that people are used to the Sam and Joe and James Dolan version of Ranger game analysis, and when an announcer says something like 'Lundqvist should have had that one' or 'that's a terrible play by (insert Ranger name here),' people like to decide that the announcer has to dislike the Rangers to say such a thing.
Yeah... Rangers fans aren't the most impartial fans out there. Especially the HF boards variety.

Every one of those commentators says positive and negative things about both teams in the exact same ratio depending on what is happening at the moment. Often resulting in completely contradictory and wishy washy opinions game in and game out.

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