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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
I guess Rychel has to do what Hunter of London has done after 6 years of not going to the Ohl finals and regain his fastball
As I stated before I happily take the 2 mem cup wins,knowing full well some down time
may occur
Does Rychel get 4 more years or do u think Rayzor only Hunter gets a free pass to get his team to the finals once in 6 years
Quality O/As for the most part are harder to find every year,rarely does a team keep a guy for 5 years,in fact with the spits mem cup wins not one o/a played here for 5 years
London has found a way to go with 1,Brett Cook acquired at the trade deadline,colin Martin is never used,one could argue should the Knights not win the league and mem cup they failed miserably in the o/a dept
I think Brown,Carrick and Johnston were better o/a then this past year s of Cullen.Macqueen and Robertson
I think 1 year out of 4 this past year hardly rates losing a fastball,most hockey people know in jrs that there is a price to pay when successful,even more so when a team wins twice,something London,Plymoth and Kitchener cant claim,
This past year,spits make the playoffs and still get a generational player in the draft
Most hockey people feel the spits had a real good draft,probably their best in the last 3 years
You are the only one who feels that Rychel has lost a bit of his touch,while others I speak to across the league say quite the opposite
2 years removed from 2 mem cups and 1 year away from a final 4 appearance is to me not enough to criticize his performance,unless of course you are willing to admit that Hunters six years from the league finals and Vellucci s inability to get his team to win the biggie also indicates a loss of ability
That depends legend. If the Knights win 2 more playoff games they will have won more playoff games than Windsor since Rychel took over. Rychel will get a few more years but a lot depends on 13/14 if they host the Memorial Cup and are only an average hockey team there should be a lot of criticism. I agree last year the OA crop was better than this year but they only had a half year of Carrick and Brown. The first half of the year with those guys really hurt Windsor on the ice and probably impacted where Windsor finished in the standings.

Yes London has gotten away with 1 OA but we have all watched and the ones carrying London are the 17 year olds Rupert hat trick, Tierney GW last night, Domi a couple goals in the OHL Finals. If you have a terrific crop of 17 year olds that can fill the void you can survive without the top OA's. The concern on my part is that the guys that are dominating for London will all be back in 13/14.

We will see about this draft but for the past year I said their past 2 drafts were not good and I was told I was dead wrong and Rychel is still a terrific drafter. If people think this draft is better already then that tells me the past 2 drafts haven't been good.

I do think Plymouth goes by a different model, they trumpet 20 straight playoff years and always being in the mix. Yes their season did not go as people thought but once again I think they look to be in better shape this upcoming season than this past year. Vellucci still goes out and gets Ryan Hartman. I never said Rychel is bad I just think he needs to either find his fastball again or find something else because we both agreed Windsor doesn't look to be near the top in the west next year either.

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