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05-08-2012, 11:50 AM
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Just forgetting the cup for a second, this is also Richards 3rd conference final in 5 years. A leader isn't about being some smooth talking, big mouth drill sergeant like Pronger. It's about what you do in the locker room and what you say to your teammates on the bench. It's about carrying your team when they need it and rallying them when they are down. And it's all about what you do on the ice and leading by example. Guys like Richards, Quick, Kopitar, Brown, etc., they get that.

I look at the Flyers and I see a bunch of little kids dumbfounded why their 'score lots of goals' system isn't working against the Devils. They look like deer in the headlights and I see blame being passed around instead of rallying around each other. I see guys losing it on the ice because things aren't going their way and taking stupid penalties. And I see a coach that tries to solve everything by just yelling louder.

The Kings may not be pretty, they may not be superstars, and they may not be charismatic, but right now they are winning. Because they are a team with a great leadership that detests losing and humble to the point that they would rather break their own leg than say a good word about how they personally played. They understand that everyone has off days and when one guy is having a rough time, another guy steps up.

That is what great leadership is all about.

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