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Originally Posted by Schooner Guy View Post
Again...ridiculous. Houle came in with a team that had Turgeon, Damphousse and a young Koivu down the middle and a franchise goalie in nets. He drove the team into the ground. You can mention Timmins but other than the Centennial Season, Gainey didn't try to take any short cuts in building the team despite a very tough media/fan-base and kept almost all their draft picks. Also, Gainey put a strong farm system together in Hamilton that enabled our prospects to shine/develop. Let's not forget that when the Habs finished 1st in the East, everyone in hockey thought they'd be serious contenders for years to come. During the centennial season, the players melted down both on and off the ice. Many of these players were drafted by Timmins (who you seem to think made Gainey). Also, give credit to Gainey for keeping Timmins and letting him get some good scouts. It was Gauthier who clipped Timmins' wings in the scouting staff and micromanaged by getting rid of some of the guys who Timmins leaned on (including David Mayville who pushed for Subban) and replacing them with his own guys. Last but not least, almost all the media and posters on this site (and I'd guess you were one of them since you seem to hate everything Gainey) wanted Price run out of town. Who was his biggest supporter all along? It was Bob Gainey. To compare the Gainey era to the Houle era is laughable. The Gainey era was totally respectable. The Houle era was totally hopeless.
The "Houle era" was made possible BECAUSE of Ronald Corey's panic moves and lack of vision.

If there is someone to blame, that's him ! He was scared by Serge Savard who wanted his President's job, and in thee same day, fire both him and Jacques Demers.... And replace them by 3 guys with no NHL GM and coaching experience: Houle, Tremblay and Cournoyer. And we all know the rest... He started the domino effect that we can still feel today.

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