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05-08-2012, 12:11 PM
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If ownership truly does open up the wallets this summer and we can bring in some good (better) talent and we still can't make any steps forward then Trotz should start to be questioned. But that's something we don't know yet. Also, it's extremely frustrating and unfortunate that Mike Smith is the reason this series is over right now, plain and simple, and people are calling for a possible coaching change as if we're Columbus when that wasn't the real issue.

Game 1 we outplayed them in the second half of that game. Badly actually. It still amazes me how we didn't win that game, and if I recall correctly, many of us weren't too down about it because we did in fact play so well.

Game 2 was game 2. We all know what happened so not much needs to be said.

Game 3 we came out and established our game, and subsequently outplayed them. Couple lucky goals possibly but when a goalie is playing like that you have to take what you can. We deserved those goals.

Game 4 we outplayed them again for the most part, don't really care what others might say. It's again astonishing that we didn't make it to overtime at the VERY LEAST. A terrible blown whistle didn't help the cause, and yet again....neither did Mike Smith.

Game 5 last night we again outplayed them and had basically nothing to show for it. We came out firing and put a lot of pressure on their defense and Smith, but of course to no avail. Many parts of last night were like Game 1 for us. Lots of pressure but nothing past him.

I mention this because it's fine to question the coaching and whatnot when the situation calls for it. If game 2 would've been a microcosm of the whole series, even I, a Trotz apologist might entertain the idea of warming up his seat but I don't think he deserves that. I think looking back, his team really did play well for much of the series, and the fact that Smith consistently stood on his head makes our performances look worse than they were. Sure, you've "gotta get it done" but how many times have other elite teams simply not been able to get it done because a goalie gets hot and leads his team right through the playoffs, knocking off better teams along the way? Quite frequently.

We've been one of those unfortunate teams this year and it's a shame it ended this way.

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