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05-08-2012, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JayBee* View Post
Any help? The pizza chains here suck. Any pizza spots that taste like Montreal pizza (a lot of cheese, not much sauce)?
Brother man, I feel your pain. I've lived our here a long time and the first thing I noticed was how bad the Pizza sucks. I grew up in Pierrefonds and loved the pizza there. Luna's on Gouin (which has been through many owners) was the absolute best. As of two years ago it's still the best (but you now have to order thin crust.)

In Toronto... I've found exactly ONE place where the pizza is up to snuff.

Warden and Sheppard there is a place called Remezzo's. That's the place you want to go.

In Kingston (the halfway mark) you can find yourself a tasty one at Bubba's pizza. They sell it by the slice - don't get just the slice - order an actual pizza it's much better.

Good luck in your travels.
Originally Posted by Habs13 View Post
...we're famous for our pizza??
Good God yes. Montreal pizza is the best. It's one of the hardest parts about leaving the city (food wise).
Originally Posted by The Bernie Federko View Post
There's no such thing as 'Montreal style pizza'. Unless of course you're referring to the '69 cent' or '99 cent' crap pizza from back in the day...

What's wrong with Momma's, Amato, Pizzaiolo or even Pizza Nova? They all make a fine slice. Better than anything Montreal has to offer!
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Originally Posted by AH View Post
Halifax Donair in Milton (main street)
Giovanni's in Oakville (8th line and Upper Middle)
I'll give Giovanni's a shot. Thanks.

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